Solid State Science and Technology, Vol. 17, No 2 (2009) 59-64

ISSN 0128-7389

Corresponding Author:




Musdalilah Ahmad Salim1, Rosli Hussin1, Mutia Suhaibah Abdullah1, Suhailah

Abdullah1, Nur Shahira Alias1, Siti Aishah Ahmad Fuzi1, Mohd Nor Md Yusuf1 and

Kamisah Mohamad Mahbor2

1 Phosphor Research Group, Department of Physics, Faculty of Science,

Universiti Teknologi Malaysia, Skudai, 81310, Johor

2Advance Material Research Centre (AMREC), 09000 Kulim, Kedah



The structure of Sr2MgSi2O7 and Sr2MgSi2O7 doped with Eu2+ were presented in thispaper. The samples have been prepared using solid state reaction, whereas it has been sintered at 1350ºC for 3 hour in air and 1350ºC for 3 hour in a weakly reductive atmosphere of 10%H2-90%N2 respectively. The obtained samples were characterized using EDAX, X-ray Diffraction (XRD) and Infrared Spectroscopy. X-ray diffraction pattern shown that the single crystalline phase obtain was contained Sr2MgSi2O7 for both doped and undoped sample. The structure features of both samples base on silicate tetrahedral were obtained by infrared spectroscopy. Vibration band at 1638 cm-1 and 1474 cm-1 in the Sr2MgSi2O7 doped with Eu2+ represent Mg2+ and Sr2+ respectively. Majority vibration mode was shifted to high frequency when doping Eu2+ in the Sr2MgSi2O7 sample.



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