Solid State Science and Technology, Vol. 19, No 1 (2011) 150-154

ISSN 0128-7389




Ala’eddin A. Saif*, Nurhafizah Ramli and P. Poopalan

School of Microelectronic, Block A, Kompleks Pusat Pengajian UNIMAP,

Universiti Malaysia Perlis, Jalan Kangar – Arau 02600 Jejawi, Perlis

*Corresponding Author:


Ba0.5Sr0.5TiO3 ferroelectric ceramic thin film is prepared via sol-gel technique and

fabricated as Al/BST/Pt capacitor. The leakage current mechanism has been studied

under positive bias using semiconductor parameter analyzer. The results show that the

leakage current is Ohmic conduction at low applied electric field, space charge limited

conduction at higher applied field, and it is Schottky emission for all applied electric

field regions. The leakage current density increases from 3.63×10-8 to 7.66×10-8 A/cm

as the electric field increases from 2.39×104 V/cm up to 3.91×104 V/cm, these values

quite low compared to the values reported in the literature for the same value of applied

field. Furthermore, the breakdown strength of BST thin film has been discussed; the

results show that it has high breakdown strength.


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